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In order to participate in the virtual classroom, we will require a working email address that parents/guardians have given the child permission to use. They will need access to the email address to view material on the classroom.

Parents/guardians should always monitor their children’s internet usage. We assume that parents/guardians will supervise their children’s participation in Tullamore CoderDojo’s virtual classroom.

Tullamore CoderDojo accepts no responsibility for children’s internet usage and matters arising from same, whether this is from participating in the virtual classroom or any other internet interaction.

I consent to Get Offaly Coding's use of my data to provide a virtual classroom service. I am aware that my data will only be used for this purpose, and can be erased at any time by emailing
I hereby give my consent to my child, named above, to participate in Tullamore CoderDojo's virtual classroom. I agree to be bound by the code of conduct and including supervising my child's online participation.